Couple of
Daniela Lehavi
    A choice of Tel Aviv
    shoes and accessories shops

    Couple of
    Dizengoff street north side

    Original shoes manufactured locally with the
    concept of combining style and comfort. Prices are
    not cheap but reasonable.

    Daniella Lehavi
    34 Basel Street
    also on 35 Shenkin Street

    Daniella Lehavi designs original bags and shoes.
    Very unique and stylish high class quality and
    prices are accordingly high.Website

    Dizengoff near Gordon Street also on Shenkin and
    in the Shopping Centers.
    Trendy shop, leads the shoe fashion for young girls
    especially, every season new line and style very
    bold and colorful models.

    8 Hachashmal Street
    Tel: 972 3 5604890

    In the new trendy Hashmal Garden area Kisim is the
    ultimate BAG shop. Beautiful and original leather
    hand made bags at reasonable prices.

    Magafei Hakfar (Village Boots)
    Yeffet street 34 Old Jaffa

    The handmade sandals/shoes/boots made by Israel
    the old master, are still there and I was happy to
    discover that and just bought another pair of my
    favorite sandals that will keep for ages :-) and I walk
    a lot.
    The ancient shop was not closed but moved up on
    Yeffet street just one more bus station if you come
    to Jaffa with bus no, 10. This shop is a real hidden
    and rare gem and it is recommended heartily if you
    like to have your unique handmade shoes that will
    last more than you :-)

    24 Ashtori Haparchi street on Basel area
    Tel: 972 3 6057351

    The concept of Shira the shop owner is to
    manufacture addictive shoes, meaning that once
    you  try them you will not like to go back to regular
    shoes. The style is retro but  they come in bright
    colors, a winning combination. Prices are around
    600 NIS for a pair.

    Dizengoff Street near the square
    Quality and comfortable shoes from the best,
    famous brands imported from US and the UK.
    Outstanding and creative shop window decoration.
    Don't forget to take a look when you stroll on