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The pandemic has certainly changed the way businesses run, including casinos. Without a doubt, the Online Casino industry has benefitted and is booming with a large growth during this period of time.

If you’re looking for the best and most reputed Online Casino Malaysia to have fun with, you can certainly go with We1Win on your mobile device. By providing premium Online Casino and the best online sports betting experiences with attractive casino promotions, We1Win—Malaysia’s most trusted Online Casino has emerged as one of the most reputed online gambling platforms for the players.

We1Win Online Casino is the largest online casino platform across Southeast Asia and also the first online betting mobile platform in its region to integrate popular online betting options from Live Casino, Sportsbook to E-Sports, all on one app! We promise to always provide an uninterrupted and safer mobile gaming environment to our valued players with irresistible online casino bonuses and promotions.

As of April 2022, We1Win has become one of the most commonly visited Malaysia online casinos among Malaysian residents. Sports betting, E-Sports betting, Live Dealer Casino games, Online slot game, Poker are the most popular games we offer.

Here’s a big shoutout to all Poker fans, come show your skill and luck at one of our most popular card games in the world! For casino goers, come join our sexy live dealers at the wide-ranging games of baccarat, blackjack, casino hold’em or roulette for more deposit bonuses! And if you’re eyeing on the best sportsbook for sportsbooks offer, odds boost or fast payout, then We1Win Sports is what you should opt for! On top of that, you may also enjoy the excitement and thrill of E-sports, Fishing, Slots, Lottery and more at our safe betting sites.

Snooker GOAT Ronnie O’Sullivan is We1Win Brand Ambassador

We1Win, the most trusted and biggest online casino Malaysia, proudly announces our collaboration with the seven times World Snooker Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan, as our honoured brand ambassador.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, regarded as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of snooker, has won his seventh world championship title at the 2022 World Snooker Championship held in Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England, on 2 May 2022, by defeating Judd Trump 18–13 in the final, reclaiming his world champion trophy after 2 years.

With his 7th world championship title, Ronnie O’Sullivan also managed to maintain his no. 1 world ranking, and will keep his ranking till the end of this year, which he has consecutively done so for the 7th time.

By winning this title, Ronnie O’Sullivan had equaled himself to the seven times World Champions’ record holder, Stephen Hendry. However, there are many more records created by Ronnie O’Sullivan in the history of snooker, thus becoming a ‘‘living legend”, making it hard for others to surpass.

During the interview section after the final match, Ronnie O’Sullivan didn’t talk much about his new record, instead he just shared his experience of enjoying the game.

Ronnie O’Sullivan said he didn’t bother about those records, but it’s kind of nice when he gets them. He didn’t set himself any targets, as he loved every tournament this year, and he just loves playing.

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Record

  • Ronnie O’Sullivan had won a total of 39 Ranking Titles, making him the only person in snooker history, 3 times more than Hendry.
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan marched into the World Snooker Championship finals for eight times, and won seven titles from them, his winning probability is the highest in this tournament.
  • At the age of 46 years and 4 months 28 days, Ronnie O’Sullivan became the oldest World Snooker Champion.
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan had won a total of 21 Triple Crown titles, i.e. the World Championship, the UK Championship and the Invitational Masters, 7 titles in each championship.
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan had hit more than 1100 times of century breaks ( a break of 100 points or more in one visit to the table ), the highest in snooker history.
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan holds the fastest record to hit a maximum break ( a break of 147 full scores in a single frame ), which only took 5 minutes and 8 seconds in the 1997 World Championship.
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan won the 1993 UK Championship at the age of 17 years old and 358 days, making him the youngest snooker player to win a ranking title, and his record still holds.

Consistent, All Time Favourite Player

By winning a ranking title at the young age of 17, Ronnie O’Sullivan proved his talent in snooker. Meanwhile, he consistently performed as a world top player, maintained his excellent playing level, and won dozens of major competitions in the past few decades, including the World Snooker Championships in 2001, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2020 and 2022.

With his brilliant performance over the years, Ronnie O’Sullivan is also well known for his quick playing pace in competitions, he carries every stroke or every shot at fast speed, while being accurate and effective at the same time, giving him the nickname ‘’rocket’.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is also excellent in securing snooker ( the ball with obstacle ) and setting up snooker, and is able to perform remarkable games once he dominates the match, such as executing the century breaks or maximum breaks.

With world top class performances for almost three decades, and dozens of major championships worldwide, adding to several of his personal records, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s unprecedented and successful achievements had made him widely regarded as the GOAT ( Greatest Of All Time ) in snooker history.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Joins We1Win Family

We1Win, the most trusted and biggest online betting platform in southeast Asia, are proud to have snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan as our brand ambassador for the year 2022-2023.

Ronnie O’Sullivan joined We1Win as he acknowledges us as a reputed, reliable and genuine online betting platform, which provides various betting games and methods to all users.

With his huge influences worldwide, We1Win strongly believes that with the collaboration with Ronnie O’Sullivan, we can thrive our brand and platform into further states and higher levels, improving the brand awareness among users as well. 

We1Win, the biggest online casino Malaysia, admires the outstanding personality and playing styles of Ronnie O’Sullivan, which is quick and accurate, decisive yet effective, and his perfect gaming strategy. These characteristics and strengths represent the same vision and objectives of We1Win, as a reputed online betting platform.

Join The Reputed Casino Online Malaysia

Follow the choice of Ronnie O’Sullivan, the World No.1 and seven times World Champion, to join We1Win, the biggest Malaysia online casino.

With the publicity of world top class sportspeople, We1Win is confident that our platform can get more participation among users, especially Malaysians, to build a healthy, safe and joyful community for online entertainment.

We1Win, the best online casino Malaysia emphasises that, with proper and appropriate practising or involvement, the online entertainment events will actually bring much pleasure and many benefits to the users, which we are determined to achieve as a long term vision.

Top 10 Trusted Online Casino Malaysia

There are several online betting platforms in Malaysia which claim themselves as the best online casino in Malaysia, however, it is up to users to choose whom to put their trust in.

Here are some aspects where users should look through in their quest to find out their ‘’best online casino Malaysia”:

  • Platform’s profile and background: Know about the online betting platform’s background, where it’s from and created by whom, the founder’s identity and history, the company’s reputation and authenticity. Never join any online casino whose identity is unknown and background is unclear.
  • Platform’s terms and conditions: Read the betting platform’s terms and conditions carefully, make sure there are no terms which are inappropriate or will bring many disadvantages to the users. Read the playing instructions clearly as well, so that you can enjoy the game without any limitations, false directions or conflicts.
  • Betting games and methods: Check all the games and betting methods available in the online casino, make sure that they are similar with the genuine casinos, without any self-alteration or manipulation by the platform itself. Also, get clear with the betting odds instructions before you start your bet to ensure you are fully paid for the odds when you win the bet.
  • Payment methods and withdrawal: Check the betting platform’s payment methods, make sure that they are convenient and clearly defined, so you could make your payment in the easiest way you want. Additionally, read the withdrawal instruction before you start betting, to avoid any issue when you want to cash out your money.

Set Up The Best Conditions of Online Live Casino Malaysia

Furthermore, other than the elements mentioned above on how to seek out a good betting platform, certain conditions should also be met on the online player’s side in order to enjoy betting with the best experience:

  • Smooth and steady network, users need a strong and stable network such as Wi-Fi, to avoid disruption and disconnection during the bet;
  • Devices or gadgets are in a good and updated conditions, where the phones or computers being used should meet the requirements for online gaming, possesses high performance of display graphic and operating system, and updated to the latest version of betting platform, including the mobile apps;
  • The environment of players: The players should make sure that they are in the proper and suitable environment for online betting, find a silent, peaceful and comfortable area, avoid crowded and noisy surroundings to avoid disruption and distraction.

Here’s Your Best Betting Sites Malaysia

Couldn’t find any online casino Malaysia who matched all the aspects mentioned? We1Win is the best choice just for you.

As the best online casino Malaysia website, We1Win fulfils all the requirements and qualifications as a trusted, secured, genuine, reliable and resourceful platform, which provides most of the real casino games, with simple and clear playing instructions and betting methods, together with the convenient payment and withdrawing process.

On top of that, We1Win casino online Malaysia is offering much more benefits and advantages to our users, including the ewallet free credits, new users free credits, new users with no deposit needed and many others.

E-wallet Casino Malaysia Free Credit

Use the ewallet online casino Malaysia now, as they are faster, easier and have more benefits!

We1Win Malaysia online casino recommends the ewallet casino payment method, which is widely used by Malaysians nowadays as a simpler way to pay.

We have those major operators available for e-wallet casino, including TouchnGo, GrabPay, ShopeePay and Boost. For new users of ewallet casino, We1Win offers free credits as gifts so you can start your bet without spending your own funds.

Best Real Money Malaysia Casino Online

We1Win online casino Malaysia uses our own credits as the measurements during the betting games, however, these credits can be exchanged into real money anytime the players wish after the game finishes.

Nevertheless, players can withdraw money from their account anytime they want in simple steps, no conditions applied, and no fees charged.

Sign up at We1Win now, follow the snooker GOAT Ronnie O’Sullivan to join our community, enjoy the best betting experience you will ever have!

Play Now, Win Now, with We1Win. 

Arcade Games where You Can Make a Fortune by Fish Shooting

Now you can bet by playing fish shooting games, the arcade games that could make you money. Enjoy the game shooting online in We1Win while betting on it.

The term ‘’fishing’’ here does not define the activity of catching the fishes with a rod or nets on a lake, river or sea. “Fishing” here is a modern video arcade game, which shoots and defeats the fishes, animals or certain objects in the scenes which are mostly the sea world, by using weapons like guns and cannons.

These fish shooting games’ playing instructions are very easy, and the winning methods are simple. Players are provided by guns or cannons, they just have to load up the bullets or ammos, and shoot at those targets in the scenes, with each animal or object giving different multiples of credits. 

Players can play this video arcade game online at some websites, or play offline by downloading it, but there is much more fun and excitement by playing this while betting on it.

The Evolution of Arcade Games

Arcade games are the favourite of many people especially in their childhood. They like to visit the video arcades to play arcade machines with various games, such as fighting games like Street Fighter and King of Fighters, and other sports games like FIFA and NBA.

There are also plenty of arcade game machines that come with shooting, such as the famous Star Wars, Aliens, Metal Slug, Time Crisis series and many more.

However, with the development of the internet era and technology, video arcades are declining in popularity and availability. People start to play arcade games online, on their phones or computers which proves to be more exciting and convenient.

An arcade game machine is now becoming the great memories of people’s childhood. However, in the evolution of arcade games, these famous game series are still the popular and favourite choices among players, as the game developers have also evolved themselves by developing the games into online or multiplayers mode, with better graphics, better interfaces and higher performance. 

Shooting Game Online – Conquer The Sea World

In these fish shooting games, players’ targets to shoot include the common sea animals such as small fishes, octopuses, squids, turtles and stingrays. However, players will seldom meet some significant characters, including the ‘‘precious big fishes’’ such as hammerhead sharks, who are carrying coins and gold chests, which players could get much more credits by defeating them.

Beat Bosses in Fish Shooting Game

There are also some powerful characters known as the  ‘‘boss’’, who show up in the arcade game scenes randomly, so don’t miss the chance to fire at them, and get multiplied credits!

These ‘’bosses’’ are in reference to the theme of the fish shooting games, they can be an animal, object or even a ‘’God’’, including the Chinese Dragons, fairies, pearl, king crabs, gold chest, or even the ‘’Dragon King’’, which is quite rare and much difficult to defeat, but earn a lot of credits by beating them. 

These precious characters make the arcade games more interesting and challenging, so players have to keep focus and apply different strategies, such as switching between rapidly small bullets and heavy firepower cannon.

A New Experience in Fish Shooting Gambling Game

Skilled at shooting? A shooting games lover? Come and participate in fish shooting games while betting on it.

Beside those typical casino games such as card games, Poker, slot games, 4D lottery or sports booking, video arcade games are now trending as a new betting method, where you can seek for fun and make a fortune in the shooting action scenes.

The concept of a fish shooting casino game might not be familiar to you, but you’ll find that is another great experience to play arcade games and place bets on it at the same time. Why do you shoot on all those fishes and finish the game successfully, but have no reward in return?

Earn Up to 1800x Credits at Fish Shooting Game

The multiples of odds in the fish shooting gambling game could go up to 500x and even 1800x of credits, by shooting a ‘‘ultimate boss’’!

In the fish shooting games, the difference of odds by shooting objects are in a wide range. For example, in the ‘’Dragon Fishing’’, by shooting small fishes, players might only get 2x to 10x credits, although they are a lot in quantity and easy to kill.

Meanwhile, players get 60x of credits for defeating the big sharks, 100x credits for Chinese Dragons and 150x for Fairies. 

Shoot for higher stufts! You can get 200x of credits for the Golden Chests, 4500x for King Crabs, and 500x credits for the ‘’Sea Dragon King’’! 

And that is not the best odds in fishing games though, for the ‘’Five Dragons Fishing”, you can win up to 1800x of credits by shooting off the great Dragonball! Imagine that you can win RM180 with the credit of only 10 cents.

Applying Tactics for Fish Shooting Casino Game

In the fish shooting games, players should apply different tactics on different targets, to get the highest credits with the least ammunition or firepower. 

For example, for those small fishes, players only have to equip small guns and regular bullets, or a little amount of ammos. 

For precious and rare characters like Dragons, Fairies or the Dragon King, players should prepare a big cannon with a lot of ammos and huge firepower. You don’t want to run out of ammos or bullets during the battle with the big bosses! 

So, brace yourself against these targets, play and win the bets effectively, avoid wasting bullets or running out of ammos early in the fish shooting game.

Fish Shooting Options: Auto / Manual Aiming

In the fish shooting casino game, there are two types of shooting actions, which are aiming manually or automatically. 

For players who are not skillful at shooting or not confident, they can choose the ‘’auto’’ options and let the game system do the aiming job. However, its disadvantage is, your gun or cannon will aim at any objects regardless of their odds of credits, meaning that you might target a small fish, and miss out the Dragon who is just passing by.

Meanwhile, choosing to aim manually is much more challenging and more effective, as players can decide which objects to aim, and choose the characters with more odds of credits and rewards. However, you better have nice shooting skills and quick reaction by using the manually aim option!

Join Multiple Players to Battle in the Fish Shooting Gambling Game

In We1Win, the best online betting platform for fish shooting games, players could enjoy the best shooting action experience online, rather than play the arcade game machines offline. Those game buttons are simple and convenient to play, while the interfaces are in great performance and high resolutions, the transition is also smooth.

Boring to play by yourself? Like to meet some players to compete with, or play along with some friends? Try the multiplayer mode.

With multiplayers mode in the fishing arcade game online, up to four players can gather in one game scene to shoot their own targets. This playing style is more intensive and competitive, where they can find out the best shooter and the biggest winner among the multiplayers.

Join the friendly match! Players could also invite friends to participate in the fish shooting game, battle to become the best shooter and win the most credits. 

We1Win: Best Fish Shooting Site Online

At We1Win, the most trusted online betting platform in Malaysia and southeast Asia, we provide hundreds of fish shooting casino games, each of them comes with different weapons and characters, and different odds by shooting at those objects.

We1Win online casino Malaysia serves as the best fish shooting games platform to play and bet. We have several vendors providing various themes, scenes and designs of fishing games, including BBIN Fish, CQ9 Fish, SG Fish and JDB Fish. 

Each vendor comes with pretty graphics, fancy characters, user-friendly settings, simple steps to play and easy actions to win the bet.

Play Games Shooting Online Free at We1Win

Starting to be interested in the fish shooting casino game? Join We1Win, the biggest online betting platform in Malaysia and southeast Asia now, to enjoy hundreds of fishing arcade games online, with free registration and easy steps to sign up.

We1Win members can play all the exciting and challenging games in our online betting platform, with no minimum deposits required. Moreover, we are offering benefits or free credits for new members and new ewallet casino users.

Enjoy shooting fish games free online at We1Win now, the more or the bigger you shoot, the more money you win.

Experience Online Shooting Game in PC & Mobile Mode

Instead of playing the fish shooting games via mobile devices, you can also enjoy them in the computer (PC) mode with a bigger screen, full view of the user interfaces and more exciting game performance.

However, gaming through mobile devices or apps is still the more common practice among the players, as they have easy access and carry their phones around, while the phone’s screen performance is also getting more advanced nowadays.

Where to Enjoy Fish Shooting Games with Free Download?

These fish shooting games are available to play directly in We1Win, not requiring any additional downloading or tools. The arcade games come with fast loading speed, high resolution and exciting gaming experience.

You can also download these online fishing games for free on certain websites, to train and practice by yourself before playing while betting in the online casino platform.

Play Now, Win Now, with We1Win.

Hot Games

Best Online Casino Malaysia with All Types of Games

A one-stop Malaysia live casino with Baccarat and Dragon Tiger card games, Roulette, Poker, slot games, 4D lottery, sports booking, fishing, esports betting.

A complete platform of online casino Malaysia should provide a one-stop destination for players to place bets on any kinds of betting or gaming types, without the need to switch to other places for other games.

A great casino online Malaysia contained all the popular and common games in gambling industry, including the typical Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette casino games, with plenty of rooms, tables and dealers.

Slot games are an important section in Malaysia online casino, with various themes, designs and characters, to attract more players and match their favourite types.

Sports booking, especially football betting, is also a main section in the online betting platform. Football betting is getting common among Malaysians, making it a popular event within gambling industry.

Poker is a typical game event in online casino Malaysia too, the card games are exciting and fun through the battle between online players.

4D lottery games are also a requirement for casino online Malaysia, players love to bet on their magical lucky numbers, without visiting the 4D shops.

In addition to these main sections above, a perfect platform of online gambling Malaysia contains other modern and trending betting events, such as the arcade fishing games and esports games betting, which are both getting more participation in the current gaming industry.

The common or popular games in physical casinos worldwide are mostly available in online casino Malaysia too, and the betting instructions and steps are almost the same.

Baccarat, the most common game in casinos worldwide, is also available in every Malaysia online casino, with many tables and dealers provided. The Dragon Tiger is also another popular game too. 

Roulette is commonly provided in Malaysia online casino too, but with fewer tables. Se Die, Sic Bo, Bull Bull and other casino games are also available in several tables.

At We1Win, the most trusted and biggest online casino Malaysia, these live casino games above are all available in sufficient tables and rooms, with simple betting instructions and steps, where the beginners can start to bet easily.

We1Win casino online Malaysia also provided these live casino games in perfect user interfaces and appearances, where players can view the complete betting chart and statistics, without any confusion.

Dealers are an important element in an online casino too. For the live casino games, We1Win provides plenty of live dealers which are trained as professionals in gambling knowledge and skills, ready to serve the players 24/7.

These live dealers are dressed up in decent uniforms and appearances, however, some of them will serve in hot and sexy dressing in rooms with sexy dealers themes. 

Slot is a very common live casino game in Malaysia online casino, they are suitable for all types of players, from teenagers to elderly ones, amateurs to professionals. Its playing instructions are the easiest in the entire betting platform, players will just have to choose the credit to bet, pick the lines or patterns and hit the spin button. 

Slot games could be boring or less challenging, but it is a simple way to make a fortune with the least of bets. To enhance the interest and attraction of slot games online, there are many themes, layouts and characters of online slot games in almost every platform of online gambling Malaysia.

Sports booking is getting more popular among Malaysians nowadays, especially football betting, which is a main section and important source of income for online gambling in Malaysia.

A complete online casino Malaysia should provide football betting with all kinds of popular leagues, events and tournaments, including the most famous English Premier League, also the major events such as FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Cup. 

Those football betting are available in various betting methods, including handicap, over/under and score prediction.

As a large and complete platform of online gambling Malaysia, We1Win provides the best experience of football betting where players can enjoy betting on EPL, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro Cup and many more, with various betting methods, with the simple playing instruction and easy betting steps.

4D, the magic lucky number! 4D lottery is the most participated betting game among Malaysians, also the only legal betting game in most states of Malaysia. However, the official 4D operators in Malaysia including Magnum, Sports Toto and Damacai can only bet on their physical shops, online betting is not allowed.

Thus, online casino Malaysia provides betting of 4D lottery games which comes in various betting options which are not available in the official shops. Now, players can bet on their lucky numbers online, instead of visiting a few 4D shops.

We1Win the trusted Malaysia online casino provides many betting methods of 4D lottery which are unique and tricky, for example, players can bet on one single digit of the 4 numbers announced in the 4D results. Besides, We1Win prepared the big jackpot prizes to be won in 4D lottery games. Bet your lucky numbers here now! 

‘’Fishing’’ here does not refer to the activity that uses the rod to hook the fish out from the water, but an arcade game with shooting action.

This game might not be familiar to you as a common betting event, but it is interesting and funny to try on.

Players’ job is to operate the gun or cannon and shoot on those fishes, animals or characters in the sea world. They could use different types of bullets and ammos to hit different objects. The more difficult or significant objects they shot, the higher credits or stakes they won.

We1Win, the best platform of online gambling in Malaysia, provides plenty of fishing games with various themes, interfaces and appearances, including those unique characters such as hammerhead sharks, fairies, Dragons, even the Dragon King. Enjoy shooting in the sea world!

Yes, you can even bet on the esports events in casino online Malaysia now!

Esports is the sports event which is getting more acknowledgement and recognition nowadays, has been regarded as an official sports activity, being played as gold medals events in the 2019 and 2020 SEA Games, also listed as medal events in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Now, esports competitions and tournaments are available to bet in the Malaysia online casino. 

As the perfect one stop destination for online gambling in Malaysia, We1Win provides various betting methods of esports competitions worldwide, including those popular and hottest esports games such as DotA 2, League of Legends (LoL), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Counter Strike (CS), and many more.

Popular Online Casino Malaysia Website

There are a lot of websites or platforms in Malaysia which provide online betting, including We1Win, BET365, MEGA888, 918KISS, CMD368 and many more.

These platforms mostly operate as real money casino online, however, some of them provide payment by cryptocurrencies, which are known as crypto casino.

For example, We1Win is providing payment by Bitcoin in certain casino games.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia?

There is a grey zone of legality of online betting in Malaysia. 

Online betting itself is prohibited in Malaysia, however, since internet websites are from everywhere worldwide, if the platform’s domain is from overseas, then the internet users have the freedom to visit and access it.

However, users should bear their responsibility of practising the betting activity from the public’s eyes, as this could be considered as promoting betting activity.   

Enjoy E-wallet Casino Malaysia Free Credit

Come and join We1Win, the best casino online Malaysia now! We provide all exciting games and betting events in one stop destination.

We1Win online betting platform offers the easy payment method with ewallet casino, which is widely used in Malaysia nowadays. We have several options of ewallet online casino Malaysia including TouchnGo, ShopeePay, GrabPay and Boost. 

Enjoy betting at We1Win, the trusted online casino Malaysia, to get free credit for ewallet casino, where you don’t have to spend your own money for betting. However, the free credit ewallet online casino Malaysia is only offered at certain times, so make sure you don’t miss the chance.

Enjoy Free Credit Online Casino Malaysia with We1Win Today

Enjoy the free credits from We1Win by signing up as a new member now!

We1Win, the best Malaysia online casino, offers the benefit of free credits to the new registered member. Join us now, the sign up steps and conditions are simple by a few clicks in a few minutes, and you can enjoy betting on all the games with plenty of benefits.

Get the best experience of online betting in We1Win now, through our official website, or play with your mobile devices through our latest apps, to enjoy betting on the online casino Malaysia for android or iOS.

Play Now, Win Now, with We1Win. 

Why Choose We1Win?

We1Win is a legal gaming and entertainment company licensed by the Isle of Man government under the OGRA (Online Gaming Regulation Act) that emphasizes quality, security, and professional management. We provide a certified, legal, risk free bet and secure entertainment platform for all to enjoy. We1Win is one of the first, fully-licensed, official gaming and entertainment operators in digital currency. We partnered with renowned gaming brands such as AsiaGaming, BBIN and MicroGaming to provide supreme live entertainment and extraordinary fun games! We1Win is committed to providing its customers with the most high-quality and enjoyable experience possible. Our goal is to offer a secure and well-maintained gaming and entertainment platform where our players feel valued and secure.

Best Online Betting Platform Malaysia to Bet on Esports Event

Loves Esports games? Why don’t you bet on it instead of playing it? Get the best online casino Malaysia to bet on esports games, Dota2, LOL, PUBG, CS:Go.

Is esports a true sport? It is now!

In the olden days or just decades ago, esports were being regarded as an activity with no benefit, which would even bring some disadvantages to the players, especially to the teenagers and students.

With the development of the internet era and advanced technology, esports is now getting more recognition worldwide, practised by more players who aim to become professionals. 

Esports is now a significant industry within sports and technology worldwide, contributing a lot of profits and resources regarding this event.

Benefits of Esports Games

Once upon a time, esports, or also known as multiplayer games, was considered by some people, especially the parents, as a ‘’useless’’ activity, which wasted their kids’ time and money, affected their academic performance, and even instilled them with violent or immoral values.

The multiplayer online games brings undeniable harm to people, with exceeding of practise or too much time and spirit spent on it, as a pastime or entertainment activity. Therefore, self-control in playing them with a proper routine is important to avoid its negative impacts.

With proper and positive practice, esports games could train the players’ mentality, ability to plan strategies, organising skills, and help to build their ability of cooperation and leadership.

Development of Esport in Malaysia

Esports industry is developing rapidly worldwide and in Malaysia as well. With the involvement of more teenagers, esports in Malaysia is getting more influential and larger in its field.

We see more teenagers in Malaysia training themselves to become esports professionals, and participate in several esports tournaments. Some of them are representing Malaysia to play in international major competitions, and become proud of our nation.

By winning the titles in every major or minor esports tournament, players would get a share of the prizes and rewards, therefore, a top level of esport player could be wealthy and have a successful career.

For esports in Malaysia, most of the famous or top players are involved in the Defense of the Ancients 2, known as DotA 2, which is one of the most popular esports games worldwide.

Future Trend: Esports Olympics Games

Are they playing esports in the Olympics Games? Not for now, but maybe one day.

Esports has already been listed as one of the competitions in several multi-nations sports events, including the Southeast Games (SEA Games) and the Asian Games.

Esports was contested as a medal event in the 2019 Manila SEA Games, which was the first time it was officially competed in a multi-sports competition sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee. 

Esports was also contested in the 2021 Hanoi SEA Games, by providing 10 gold medals. Esports will also compete in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, by providing 8 gold medals.

With the participation in several sports events acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee, it is proven that esports is officially recognised as a genuine sport that trains the human mentality. Now we can conclude that esports are expected to contest in the Olympics Games in days to come.

Worldwide Popular Esports Event

Esports began as early as the 1970’s, and has been widely played since the 2000’s among the teenage group. They like to gather in the cyber cafe to join online multiplayers games. However, these activities were sort of pastimes and recreations at that time, until the esports were organised as competition and public events nationwide and worldwide.

In Malaysia, the most popular esports game in the early years was the Counter-Strike, which was played by multiplayers acting as armies or terrorists to attack each others. Regarded as the classic in multiplayers game, Counter-Strike was played as esports in several competitions and tournaments.

Multiplayer games industry in Malaysia later gained popularity by Warcraft, Defense Of The Ancients (DotA), Starcraft and Call of Duty etc., and in recent years, the famous League of Legends (LoL) and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are both competed as esports events in the 2021 SEA Games. 

Top Esports Games: Counter-Strike

First launched in 2000, Counter-Strike is a multiplayer first-person shooting game, where players working in team terrorists or anti terrorists will attack each other in several battlefield maps. 

This game series has been acclaimed as one of the best multiplayer shooting games of all time, featured in several major esports competitions worldwide.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the most popular esports game of the Counter-Strike game series nowadays.

Dota 2: Hottest Malaysia Esports Games

Dota or Defense of the Ancient is the expansion of the classical video game Warcraft, as a multiplayer RPG game genre. 

Players are set as two teams to execute their strategy to destroy the ‘’Ancient’’, to determine the winning team. Dota Allstars has been featured in the World Cyber Games competitions, WCG Asian Championships and Electronic Sports World Cup.

Dota 2 is the most participated esports game by the top Malaysian players nowadays, a statistic indicating that 18 of the 20 top earning players in Malaysia esports are playing Dota 2 as their top paying game. 

PUBG: Best Selling Esports Games

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer battle royale game published in 2017. Acclaimed as the most-played video game of all time, PUBG has a total player count of 1.2 billion as of 2021, and remains as one of the best selling and most grossing video games in history. 

PUBG was also held in several competitions and tournaments worldwide, which had invited professional players and offered large amounts of prizes.

League of Legends: Largest Esports Games

LoL of League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game first launched in 2009. Players are set as two teams to battle against each other by destroying the opponent’s territory for the victory. 

LoL is regarded as the largest and most reputed esports event worldwide nowadays, as it has an international competition consisting of 12 leagues, leading to the annual LoL World Championships. 

These LoL game events have live streaming and have attracted hundreds and millions of viewers, and was even broadcasted in the reputed sports channel ESPN.

Honor of Kings: Chinese Esports Games

Honor of Kings a.k.a. King’s Glory, is a multiplayer online battle arena game published by Tencent Games of China in 2015. 

With its high participation within the Greater China regions, Honor of Kings received huge success on its platform especially through mobile devices, becoming the No.1 of mobile games revenues worldwide in May 2017.

After holding plenty of league competitions and major tournaments worldwide, Honor of Kings will compete in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games as gold medal events.

You Can Bet on FIFA and NBA Esports Games   

In addition to the esports games involved with shooting, RPG, battle arena or war strategy mentioned above, you can also place bets on esports featuring true sports events, such as the FIFA and NBA!

The video games of FIFA football and NBA basketball matches are now played as esports in multiplayers mode as well, and have featured in major esports competitions worldwide.

Therefore, all football fans and NBA lovers, why not bet on these esports events in the online betting platform since you have sufficient knowledge and have done adequate research on these esports events?

Bet On Games with Esports at We1Win now

After getting to know the esports games and esports industry, it’s time to try to bet on them. You will find another kind of experience and excitement while betting on esports games!

There might not have been many online betting platforms in Malaysia who provide betting on esports, We1Win is the precious and trusted betting platform which has the complete betting methods or options of esports games.

We1Win, the trusted and biggest online casino Malaysia, provides various betting methods in these popular esports games and competitions worldwide, including DotA 2, Warcraft, Starcraft, League of Legends (LoL), PUBG, Arena of Valor, Call of Duty, VALORANT, Mobile Legends, Honor of Kings and others.

We1Win provides betting of esports games by four famous vendors, including TF Esports, IM Esports, Maxbet Esports and CMD Esports.

The betting methods of esports games are very much like the sports booking or football betting, players can pick a team in the competition a.k.a. handicap, or choose the other betting options like over/under.

Enjoy Esports Betting Malaysia at We1Win Now 

There are three major esports games to bet on online gambling in Malaysia, which are DotA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and League of Legends (LoL). Hundreds of those esports games compete in every moment from all over the world, so, find your favourite competitions to bet on!

For example, DotA 2, which is the most popular game among Malaysians, has dozens of matches ongoing at any moment worldwide. If you are a DotA 2 player or supporter who knows any top teams in the field and are expecting their victory, come and bet on them to win a fortune!

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Best Platform of Sports Betting Malaysia

Join the best platform of sports betting Malaysia, bet on EPL, FIFA World Cup, enjoy betting football with free credits, free cash deposits and easy withdrawal.

Sports booking activity is getting more common and popular in Malaysia and worldwide, especially football betting. Football is regarded as the most popular sport in the world, having billions of supporters and audiences. Fans support certain clubs in the football leagues and the national football teams. While watching football matches, people like to bet along the match, to get more excitement and make a fortune with it.

Malaysia sports betting mostly involved the major football leagues, including the English Premier League (EPL) which are most popular among Malaysians. People are also active to bet on major events which are held once a time, especially the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Cup.

There are many platforms for sports betting Malaysia, such as CMD368, Maxbet and BET365. Those betting methods or options in those platforms could be mostly the same, but people might find different experiences of interface or appearance of websites to bet on.

Get Your Betting Tips Today

As a player who is actively betting on football, you should research and analyse the match or event before getting bet on it. You can also get the betting tips today through some online betting platforms, sports magazines, newspapers or sports programs on TV channels.

We1Win, the best online platform for sports betting Malaysia, also provides betting tips today about sports booking. Join and follow us for more updated tips and latest football information.

Study Before Football Betting

Do some research and analyse the match before bet on. Know the both teams’ recent conditions and performances by looking into their results for 5 matches lately, including their goals and conceded goals.

Study also the team players’ recent performances as well, which are in great conditions and frequently scored, or which are in poor conditions and couldn’t score or lose goals as defenders. Also, research the team’s expected formation and line-up, knowing which players are absent due to injury or suspended.

The head to head record between both teams is also a statistic to study before betting. The team with better results of their confrontation history, might have the advantage in psychology and strategy to win.

EPL – Hottest Event of Sports Betting Malaysia

Malaysians love the English Premier League (EPL) the most, same as in Malaysia sports betting. EPL has the favourite teams and players which are famous and familiar to Malaysians, including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and more.

There are also plenty of world top football players in the EPL clubs, such as Mohamed Salah, Kevin de Bruyne, Cristiano Ronaldo, Son Heung Min, Harry Kane and many others.

EPL consists of 20 clubs, and plays for 38 rounds each season, where football fans can watch and bet for most of the months in every year. 

To bet on EPL matches, players should check on the EPL table and EPL fixtures frequently, knowing when the team played, which team they battled with, who and when will they play in the coming few matches, because all these are related to their motivation in the current match.

Betting EPL, Check EPL Fixtures and Results at We1Win

We1Win, the trusted and biggest online platform in Malaysia, provides the best experience of sports booking and EPL betting Malaysia. With Maxbet Sport, Maxbet mobile and CMD Sport as our vendors, you can enjoy betting football here on any favourite teams, leagues or events. 

Besides, the EPL matches today, EPL table, EPL fixtures and latest EPL results are also available at We1Win, therefore, here is your one stop solution to do the EPL research, analyse and betting. Betting EPL at We1Win now!

Other Major Leagues and Champions League

Instead of the EPL, the rest of the five major European Football Leagues are also quite popular in football betting Malaysia, including the Italian Serie A, Spanish LA Liga, French Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga, Nevertheless, the UEFA Champions League which gathers the greatest teams within those national leagues, is also a favourite of football betting. 

Go Crazy for FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is the most popular single sport event in human history, having the highest sitting audiences and livestream audiences numbers. Held once in 4 years, the FIFA World Cup is a tournament that is so precious and valuable.

FIFA World Cup 2022, the 22nd running of this event, will be held at Qatar from 21st November to 18th December. This is the first time the World Cup is held in the Arab world, also the first time not playing in May or June, to avoid the hot temperatures in that country.

Betting on FIFA World Cup 2022

Don’t miss the chance to bet on the FIFA World Cup, or else you have to wait for another four years! Find your favourite teams and matches in FIFA World Cup 2022, bet on them in several platforms of sports betting Malaysia.

FIFA World Cup 2022 consists of 32 national teams, including the championships favourite Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina, Spain, England and more.

During the FIFA World Cup, most of the top football players in the world are participating, to help their country win the world championship trophy. Neymar from Brazil, Messi from Argentina, Ronaldo from Portugal, Mbappe and Benzema from France, Lewandowski from Poland, Kevin de Bruyne from Belgium and many more superstars will show up in this tournament. 

People will surely go crazy for FIFA World Cup 2022 this winter, by watching them at the restaurants, pubs, bars or in their own home. Meanwhile, betting while watching the FIFA World Cup 2022 is getting more excitement and pleasure.

We1Win, the best platform of sports betting Malaysia, are providing full features of football betting during the FIFA World Cup. You can bet on any single match during the tournament, from group stages to grand final, with plenty of betting methods available. Enjoy betting on FIFA 22 and make yourself a fortune! 

3 Major Methods for Betting Football

There are various methods or options of football betting, however, the three major methods are most common within sports betting Malaysia, which are handicap, over/under and score prediction.

Handicap is the most common betting option among those three. The betting rules are simple as the player chooses a team in the match to bet on. However, when the team is generally regarded as stronger and has a high possibility of winning the other, the ‘’handicap’’ will apply to that team. 

As the handicap applied, players who picked the stronger team shall win by only a portion of the stakes, for example, 75% of the stakes. Otherwise, players shall ‘’let go’’ certain scores to cut off their advantage, for example, with handicap of +1, means they can only win the bet when their team won by 2 goals advantage or above.

Over/under is another option of sports betting Malaysia, which counts the total goals of the match, regardless which team has scores and wins. For example, a player bet on over/under with 3.5 goals, he can only win the bet when the final score is 4 goals or more in total, such as 3-1, 1-3, 2-2, 4-1 or others.

Score prediction is the hardest possibility to win among those betting methods, but has the highest odds to win. Players have to bet on the exact final score of the match to win their bet. However, the lower possibility of a score that they bet on, the winning odds could be higher as well, for example, a score prediction of 6-1 could bring the odds as high as 1:10.

More Choices of Sports Betting Malaysia

Not a football fan, but in favour of other sports? There are many other sports categories to bet in the Malaysia sports betting platforms.

At We1Win, the trusted and reliable online casino Malaysia, providing betting options on various sports categories, such as basketball, badminton, tennis, racing, volleyball and others.

Here, you can bet on the popular sports events or tournaments other than football, such as the NBA basketball league, F1 car racing, the tennis Grand Slam tournaments, or the major multi-sports tournaments like the Olympic Games and Asian Games.

Malaysians who love badminton can also bet on the BWF Series competitions, All England championships, BWF World Championships, Thomas and Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup and other badminton events.

Join We1Win Now to Enjoy Exclusive Benefits in Online Casino Malaysia

Looking for a platform for sports booking or football betting? We1Win is your best choice. As the biggest online betting platform in Malaysia and southeast Asia, We1Win is a trusted and reputed brand for you to bet on various games securely and joyfully. 

We1Win provided easy steps to sign up as a member, easy steps to log in your account and start to bet. Meanwhile, we have strong security on your personal information, and strong protection on your account’s credits and balances.

For new members, We1Win offers free credits or free deposits, so you don’t have to spend your own funds for your first betting experience.

We1Win also offers free credits for ewallet users, to promote the ewallet payment methods which are popular nowadays.

Join We1Win now for the best experience of sports betting Malaysia.

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Buy Online 4D Lottery on Magnum 4D Damacai Toto 4D Now

4D, also known as ‘’nombor ekor’’, are considered to be the most common betting games in Malaysia. From teenagers to senior citizens, villagers to urbanites, even from the poor to the rich, 4D betting is widely practised in our country.

4D Lottery is also the only legal betting event in most of the states in Malaysia. There are three major 4D lottery operators in Malaysia which are Magnum 4D, Damacai (Kuda) and Sports Toto 4D.

Introducing Magnum 4D, Damacai and Toto 4D

The 4D Lottery in Malaysia is fixed to be drawn on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, plus a certain time on Tuesday which is called Special Draw. The 4D lottery betting will be closed at 7pm, and the 4D lotto results are expected to be announced within an hour after the betting closed.

During that hour, many 4D players will wait for the result in a nervous mood. They will check the 4D lotto result today through mobile apps, internet websites, or sometimes through the evening newspaper.

Knowing The 3 Major 4D Operators

The 3 major 4D lottery operators in Malaysia are Magnum, Sports Toto and Damacai, each has hundreds of betting outlets nationwide, and operate with high revenue as two of these operators are listed companies in the share market.

Sports Toto 4D is operated by the Berjaya Group, acclaimed as the largest 4D operators in Malaysia with most outlets. It comes with red and white branding colours, and has a mascot bird and tagline ‘’Go For It’’. Sports Toto is famous for its Toto 4D jackpot which has plenty of betting methods.

Magnum, which featured yellow as its branding colours, is a listed company in KLSE same as Sports Toto. Its tagline is ‘’Have Magnum, have surprise, have happiness’’.

Damacai, which featured blue and red as its branding colours, has less popularity than Magnum 4D and Toto 4D, but it also has hundreds of outlets all over the country.

Multiple Bets On Magnum 4D, Toto 4D and Damacai

Among these three major 4D lotto operators, Magnum 4D and Sports Toto 4D are the top two popular choices of Malaysians. However, people would always bet in at least two or all three operators. To do so, they would have to patronise a few 4D shops to place their bet.

There is the psychological factor which causes people to place bets on multiple sides of 4D lotto. Once they bet on one side, they will start to worry if their betted numbers would show up at the other side of the 4D lotto result, which would then cause much regret and anguish! Therefore, betting on multiple sides is sort of an ‘’insurance’’ or ‘’warranty’’ for them.

Magnum 4D, Damacai, Toto 4D – The Same Odds

Why is 4D so attractive and has such great temptation? It comes from the concept of “bet the least and win the most’’. With a small bet of RM1 or RM2, one would stand the chance to win a few thousands dollars, even tens of millions by winning the grand jackpot.

The classic or standard betting option on 4D numbers is called “big”, with the first prize winning RM2500 for RM1 bet, second prize RM1000, and third prize RM500. There are also 10 special prizes at RM180 each, and 10 consolation prizes at RM60 each. 

There is also another betting option called “small”, in which the bet is only effective for the top three prizes, which are 1st prize winning RM3500, 2nd prize RM2000 and 3rd prize RM1000. However, players get zero money if their numbers hit the special or consolation prize section.

The winning odds for the classic betting options above are the same for Magnum 4D, Damacai and Toto 4D. However, the playing methods of the advanced jackpots are different from these three operators.

Want more prizes? Try the jackpots betting. We would often read news articles on how some lucky person won millions ringgit of great prizes by hitting the jackpot, and wondered how lucky they were.

Sports Toto 4D – Millions Prize Jackpot 

For example, Sports Toto 4D provided the Star Toto, Power Toto and Supreme Toto, which prizes are in the range of hundred thousands to tens of millions ringgit. 

In March 2022, MYR 97.75 millions prize was won by a super lucky guy who bet on Supreme Toto, breaking the record of the highest jackpot winning ever in Malaysia.

Find Your 4D Lucky Numbers

What are your 4D lucky numbers? People might find their personal lucky numbers in some objects, events or incidents in their life, such as the vehicle plate numbers, which is the most common choice of number among Malaysians.

People also like to bet on the digits of their birth date, anniversaries, or any dates which bear memorable and significant meaning. Besides, whenever there is a car accident or breakdown, people love to bet on the plate numbers of the vehicles involved.

Furthermore, there is a “guidance” in Chinese culture of reading the numbers from certain animals, objects or unexpected incidents. For example, when a snake intrudes the house, a snake glides on the road, a cat jumps to the roof, everything that happened can become a reference to certain numbers!

Magnum 4D, Toto 4D, Damacai – Small Bets as Entertainment

There is a Chinese saying: a little amount of gambling might be entertaining, but too much of gambling could be harmful. 

People like to call 4D lottery games the “safest betting activity”, as a common person could only pay a few or tens of dollars to bet on 4D everyday, while not many people would bet hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, betting on 4D games in small amounts regularly is considered harmless behaviour, some more has been treated as an “investment” or ‘’saving’’, as the bet you paid might come with great return once you win a grand prize someday. 

How To Predict 4D Numbers Accurately

We’re sorry to say that only God knows the 4D lotto results, we humans don’t have the ability to foresee the future. However, there are a few tips to analyse the statistics by looking at the past 4D results.

There are certain platforms, including the official websites of Magnum 4D, Damacai and Sports Toto 4D, who provide the previous 4D results. By checking on these past results, you can know which combinations of numbers have not been selected in the 4D results for quite some time, so today might be the “correct timing” for it to appear in the 4D lotto result.

In contrast to the rare number, there are some lucky numbers which will frequently appear in the 4D lotto result, showing up at least once in a year. Bet on these lucky numbers and you might stand a chance to make a fortune.

Of course, those tips above are just as references, the possibility of 4D numbers combinations are uncountable and unpredictable. The same number might not appear in 4D results for 10 years, but it might appear a few times within the same year as well!

Check 4D Lotto Result Today at We1Win

We1Win, the trusted and biggest online casino Malaysia, also provides the full 4D lotto result for each day, including Magnum 4D result, Damacai result and Toto 4D result.

Instead of checking the 4D lotto result through certain websites and mobile apps, you can also now get the latest Magnum 4D result, Damacai result and Toto 4D latest results at We1Win.    

Experience Betting on 4D Online and 4D Lotto Live

The disadvantage of 4D in Malaysia is, players have to visit the 4D outlets to bet on. For those who like to bet on two or three sides, they will need to walk into a few shops which stand some distance from each other.

Tired or lazy to walk into those outlets to bet on the 4D lottery? Why not try betting 4D online?

We1Win, the trusted and biggest online betting platform in Malaysia, provides a one stop service to bet on all those 4D operators, just in one website.

Buy Online 4D with Your 4D Lucky Numbers 

We1Win online 4D Lottery platform comes with various betting options, more choices and more ways to win than the common methods. 

For example, at We1Win, you can bet on every single digit from the 4 numbers of the 4D lotto result, which are not available in the official 4D outlets!

We1Win online 4D also provides betting methods such as 2sides, Fixed Place, and Dragon/Tiger/Tie. 

Besides the online 4D bet, We1Win 4D online Malaysia also comes with betting options of 3D, 5D, PK10, Mark 6, 11×5, Fast3, Happy8 and LF Lotto. 

Join We1Win now to explore all those numbers games, and make a fortune with your 4D lucky numbers!

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Experience Live Casino Malaysia as if You Were There

Casino, the place for betting or gaming, is where many people wish to go to try their luck, and make a fortune out from it.

However, in Malaysia, only Genting Highland has legal casinos for betting. 

If you can’t make it or feel tired to drive all the way up to the mountain, you might not have a chance to visit a casino in this country.

Thus, the existence of online casinos is getting more active and common in Malaysia, which is a place where Malaysians can now go to bet online, instead of visiting the physical casino.

The Advantages and Benefits Of Live Casino Malaysia

Since the internet era and technology nowadays are getting more developed and advanced, why not utilise the technology and browse through the internet world, enjoy the Malaysia live casino which is much more convenient to access and easier to play?

One Stop Platform Of Live Casino Malaysia

We1Win, the best live casino in Malaysia, provides the one stop gaming solution for all the popular games that are available in a physical casino. 

In the physical casinos, players have to walk around many tables and corners to explore and bet on different games. While spending time wandering in the casino, looking for your favourite game, you might already miss out the perfect timing to bet and win a fortune. 

We1Win live casino Malaysia offers all kinds of live casino games in a single platform. We have Roulette, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Bull Bull, Three Face, Se Die, SicBo and more, which are provided by several vendors. 

With a few simple actions of pressing buttons on screen, you can enjoy various live casino games without hanging around the physical casino. 

Avoid Crowds and Conflicts in Live Casino Malaysia Online

In a physical casino, certain popular games are normally crowded with players and audiences around the table, so you might feel uncomfortable having to blend with the crowds. Besides, some serious bettors might lose their temper, especially when they are losing. 

We1Win live casino Malaysia provides the best environment of betting, which is comfortable, safe and secured. Players’ identities are private and confidential, you don’t have to worry about getting into any conflict or dispute with the other players, even when you have won all their stakes…

Easy Payment Method of Casino Live Malaysia

Physical casinos use the chips or card’s credit as their payment method, where players would have to keep on trading with their chips and cards. 

Meanwhile, We1Win online betting platform provides several payment methods which are common and widely used in Malaysia, including e-wallet methods via TouchnGo, ShopeePay, GrabPay and Boost. 

For users who prefer banking transactions, DuitNow is available! This is an easier way to make online bank payments. What’s more? We1Win payment method includes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin too.

Most importantly, We1Win guarantees 100% full payment of the stakes, and easy steps of cash withdrawal, where players could end their bets and collect their money anytime. 

More Rewards and Gifts of Live Casino Malaysia

We1Win online live casino Malaysia offers users with many rewards and benefits. For example, newly registered users in We1Win could get the free credits to start their bet, so they could practice to bet without spending their own funds.

Set Up Yourself A Perfect Casino Live Malaysia

To give yourself the best experience of a live casino, you will have to meet certain requirements and conditions, this includes the smooth network, gadgets or devices in a good condition, and perfect environment to start your betting.

As we know, network issues are common in Malaysia. Some places, especially the suburbs, don’t have a stable and smooth network to surf on the internet.

Therefore, make sure you have a stable network while betting online, to avoid any unwanted interruption or disconnection during your bet.

You will also need a mobile phone or computer in good conditions, which probably won’t crash in the middle of betting.

Nevertheless, secure a good environment while you are betting to avoid disturbance or annoyance from people, and a comfortable seat to play in long hours.

Pick Your Favourite Game in Live Casino Malaysia

There are a lot of live casino games at We1Win, the biggest Malaysia online casino, as many as the physical casino, even more than that. You will find these online betting games are much more exciting, with great interfaces, easy to play and simple payment methods. 

Live Baccarat Casino Game

Baccarat is the most popular and most participated casino game worldwide, also the main betting event in the major gambling cities, including Macau which earned the most income from Baccarat games.

Baccarat is also the most common game in every Malaysia online casino, with the most tables or rooms to bet on. 

Baccarat game divides or compares the cards into two sides, which are called ‘’Players’’ and ‘’Bankers’, where participants can choose a side to bet on. Using 8 decks of cards, each Player and Banker get at least 2 cards or maximum 3 cards in their hands.

Baccarat only counts the single digit or the last unit’s place of the cards, for example, as if the total of the cards is 18, the result is 8, as if the total is 21, the result would be 1. The cards with bigger digits will win the game.

The cards with 8 or 9 digits win the round instantly. For digits 7 or below, Player or Banker can draw the third card under certain conditions.  

If bettors bet on Bankers and win, the odds are 1:0.95 as another 0.05 will be considered as the commission to Banker. If bettors bet on Players and win, the odds are 1:1.

If bettors bet on “ties”, meaning both sides have the same number of points and win, the odds are 1:8. If bettors bet on “pair” to Player or Banker, it means that the 2 cards shown have the same digits or alphabets, the odds are 1:11.

Dragon Tiger Live Casino Betting Game

Dragon Tiger is another common game in every casino online Malaysia. Its betting method is simple though, as the cards are divided into two sides which are called “Dragon” and “Tiger”, each side gets one card every round. 

Players can bet on any side for every round. The interesting part is they can bet on various options, commonly as below:

  • Big/small, whichever side with the card of higher digits wins (player can also bet on ‘’tie’’, which odds are 1:8)
  • Even or odd number
  • Red or black card

For players who like to play quickly and simply, Dragon Tiger is a good choice. It is the second most participated live casino games in Malaysia online casino, with many tables and dealers available.

Online Roulette Live Dealer Game

The spinning wheel of fortune! Casino players should be familiar with the Roulette games. The playing method is simple as the dealer spins the wheel, and the ball finally stops on any of the 37 figures to determine the winner.

However, there are various betting options and patterns though. Instead of typically choosing the numbers between 0 to 36, which are referred to as straight up, there are still several other betting types such as split, street, triple, corner, four, line, column, dozen, red/black, odd/even and big/small.

Roulette games might not have many rooms or tables available in live casino Malaysia, but you only need one table to make a fortune from the wheel!

Live Dealer Malaysia For Live Casino Games

Dealers are an important element in an online casino too. For live casino games, We1Win provides plenty of live dealers which are trained professionally in gambling knowledge and skills, ready to serve the players 24/7.

Those live dealers are in decent uniforms and appearances, however, some of them will serve in hot and sexy dressing in rooms with sexy dealers themes.

Is Online Casino Legal in Malaysia?

There is a grey zone of legality when it comes to online betting in Malaysia. 

Online betting itself is prohibited in Malaysia, however, since internet websites come from everywhere worldwide, if the platform’s domain is from overseas, then the internet users have the freedom to visit and access it.

However, users should bear the responsibility of practising the betting activity from the eyes of the public, as this could be considered as promoting betting activity.    

Join We1Win Today for The Best Gambling Service

Interested and would like to start the bet? Come and join the online gambling in Malaysia, but make sure you find a trusted, secured and genuine platform to bet on. 

We1Win Live Casino provides vendors including AllBet Live, eBet Live, SA Live, WM Live, Sexy Live, BG Live, DG Live and AG Live, each vendor comes with different layout design, setting and real dealers appearance. We believe you will find one or few of them that match your favour to bet on!

For new users who enter the live casino room for the first time, there are basic tutorials to introduce the settings and features of the room. The betting steps and methods are simple enough, even for a fresh bettor who hasn’t put on any stake before, We1Win Live Casinos are so easy to go through and follow. 

We1Win live casino Malaysia also provides customer service who serve 24 hours everyday to support users for any inquiry and issue. Our casino never sleeps!

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Get Favourite Poker Game in Best Platform of Poker Online

Poker is one of the most popular betting games in casinos. With a few cards in hand and simple playing rules, players could try their luck and use their tactics to make a fortune.

Unlike the common casino table games such as Baccarat and Dragon/Tiger, Poker is more challenging and exciting as the players have to use a lot of their psychology, mentality and courage to win their bet. Some professionals of Poker even would ‘’read’’ their opponents mind by observing their facial expressions.

Introducing of Poker Cards

Poker cards are regarded as the most common and popular type of card games in human history. Firstly invented in the 13th century in France, Poker cards originated from the Tarot cards.

Poker cards consisted of 52 cards, plus the 2 Joker cards (sometimes 4). The 52 cards include numbers from 2 to 10, Aces, Jacks, Queens and Kings, each of them having 4 cards.

There are also 4 symbols in the Poker cards, which are Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds, each have 13 cards.

Poker games are firstly made popular in western countries such as France, the United States and the United Kingdom. Thereafter, they have also started to gain more ground in Asia in recent centuries, especially among the Asian Chinese.

Poker Game of Chinese

Poker cards are mostly played by Asian Chinese as a leisure or entertaining activity in their own community. Poker cards are legal and easy to buy in their countries, the prices are as low as a few dollars for a deck.

In Malaysia, Malaysian Chinese play Poker cards mostly during the Chinese New Year, as an entertainment event when many friends, relatives or guests are gathered.

With proper practice and participation, Poker games could improve players’ psychology and mentality, hence strengthening their skill to strategise or organise.

Excitement of Poker Game: Texas Hold’Em

Poker games are considered to be the most exciting and intensive event in the casino, as few of the top players gather at a table to battle in their psychology, skills and strategies.

Texas Hold’Em is the most common Poker game in gambling history, and has competed as a main event in the major Poker competitions or tournaments nowadays worldwide, including the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour.

These world top Poker competitions have grabbed the attention of millions of live streaming audiences, which are even broadcasted in mainstream TV channels such as ESPN.

Popularity of Blackjack

Meanwhile, Blackjack or commonly known as 21, is another popular or common game among the Malaysian Chinese. Blackjack is mostly played by Chinese during the festivals, especially Lunar New Year.

With simple playing instructions and easy steps to win, Blackjack is also available for several players in a single deck, up to 7-8 players, which is suitable to play during a big gathering. 

Influence of Movies on Poker Games

Poker poses an influence on people through the films as well. There are plenty of movies in the filming history which featured gambling, and most of them are about Poker.

Poker Game Movie: God of Gamblers (1989)

Generally acknowledged as the most successful gambling movie in Chinese film history, “God of Gamblers” had a huge influence to Asian Chinese card games culture. Starring Chow Yun-Fat and Andy Lau, the main character Ko Chun had such a stylish and imposing manner during the Poker games, which was also powerful and dominant on the betting table.

Ko Chun in the film represented the outstanding and distinctive personality of a Poker player. He remained steady and calm, making quick and wise decisions, and confusing his opponents with magical tricks and tactics. His eyes are sharp and fierceful, his facial expressions are often unpredictable, known as the Poker Face, and charming when he shouts the term ‘’show hand’’.

Poker Game Movie: 21 (2008)

‘’21’’ is a Hollywood film starring Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey. The story is about how a group of university students with great talent of mathematics worked as a team in the Las Vegas casinos to win millions dollars from the Blackjacks games.

Counting and memorising the cards by a group of players isn’t prohibited by casinos, but is unwelcome and could be blacklisted. When the students and their professor’s strategy had been uncovered by the casino head security, things went wrong and the characters started to face problems.

‘’21’’ was adapted from a true event and real person named Jeff Ma, who used his brilliant calculating skills to earn a lot of fortune from Las Vegas casinos, and in the end he got blacklisted.

Evolution of Poker Online

With the development of the internet era and advanced technology, Poker games are now getting more common in online platforms, instead of playing the physical cards.

There are plenty of online casinos in Malaysia who provide online Poker, with various games featuring fascinating graphics, lively characters and attractive interfaces.

We1Win, the trusted and biggest live casino Malaysia, is your best choice to enjoy the Poker game online, where you can bet on various Poker games with top experience.

With the MT Poker as our vendor, We1Win provides several Poker games including Texas Hold’Em, Blackjack, Show Hand, Winning Thirteen, Fight The Landlord (Dou Di Zhu), Pai Gow, Versus Mahjong, Rich Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Royal Bullfight, Rivers of Blood, Mutual Bullfight, Versus 2-8 Bar and Versus Niu-Niu.

Poker Game: Different Level of Difficulties

Each Poker game above comes with dazzling graphics and sexy animation girls, and is sorted by categories of novice, amateur, junior, senior, Supreme and Emperor, which represent different levels of difficulty, minimum coins required and amount of blinds.

If you are a new player who likes to have a fresh experience in Poker, welcome to the novice category, where you can begin with low risks and less coins needed, only a minimum of 6 coins to start the game.

Online Poker Pro: Challenge The Emperor Level

For poker players who are veterans and have a lot of funds, come and challenge the Supreme or Emperor levels, where a bunch of rich guys and experts are there awaiting for you! 

For example, the Emperor level of Beat Bullfight requires a minimum of 1800 coins, surely there is a lot of intensity and excitement.

Acclaimed yourself as an online Poker pro? Come and challenge yourself to become the “Poker King”. In the popular Show Hand, Texas Hold’Em and Blackjack, many players are waiting to beat and win their money!

Play Poker Online, Not Just During CNY

Malaysian Chinese love to play Poker games during Chinese New Year, however, other than CNY, it is hard to gather members to play Poker, as they need a suitable venue and good timing.

We1Win, the best Malaysia online casino, now provides the best experience of poker games online, where users can easily join the online Poker at any time and from anywhere.

Online Poker Play with Friends

Invite your friends to join the online Poker now! If you have a friend who is also an online Poker player, ask him to play along in the multiplayer mode, to bet each other. Playing Poker online with friends is as fun as you guys are gathering in the same casino.

Free Online Poker Games No Downloads for Fun

Enjoy online Poker without having to download anything! All those Poker games in We1Win online casino are able to play and bet directly without downloading them, no software or tools required.

Our technician team ensures every Poker game is operating smoothly and stable, with high running performance and excellent user interfaces.

Poker Online Real Money

All Poker games in We1Win are betting with real money, and performing genuine cash payment and money transactions.

As a secured online betting platform who provides legal online Poker, we are conducting real cash online Poker, as they are using credits as measurement during the game, but are able to exchange as cash anytime the player wishes once the game has finished.

Download Online Poker Real Money App 

Join real money Poker online now, you can enjoy fabulous online Poker free at We1Win live casino Malaysia through our official website, or experience it via mobile phones by downloading our Android and iOS app.

Enjoy E-wallet Casino Malaysia Free Credit

We1Win online betting platform offers the easy payment method with ewallet casino, which is widely used in Malaysia nowadays. We have several options of ewallet online casino Malaysia including TouchnGo, ShopeePay, GrabPay and Boost. 

Enjoy betting at We1Win, the trusted online casino Malaysia, to get free credit for ewallet casino, then you don’t have to spend your own money to place a bet. However, the free credit ewallet online casino Malaysia is only offered at certain period, so make sure you don’t miss out the chance.

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Play The Best Slot Game Online to Win Jackpot Now

Slot game online – the easiest way to place your bet, just have to simply insert your credits, choose your lines and hit the button, the spinning machine could make your fortune.  If you are not confident or don’t have any strategy to bet on casino tables or other gambling games, or are not interested in any cards or dice games, slot online game might be your best choice in the online betting platform. Slot games are one of the most popular betting games in the gambling industry. The most significant feature of slot games is that it requires minimal betting skills, tactics, concentration and brainworks by players. Slot games is also a betting activity where players can spend a long time for leisure and pastime purposes. In a casino, we can see people staying around the slot games area for hours, enjoying different kinds of slot machines to place their bet. In slot games, players need only the least effort and spirit to play and win. Unlike the other betting methods like casino games, Poker, sports booking and 4D lottery games, slot games have very simple playing instructions and extremely easy steps, in which a new player like an elderly person can learn and handle in a short time.

History of Slot Games

Slot games are one of the most common and typical betting methods in the gaming industry. The first slot machine in history was built in 1891, and after 2 centuries, slot games are still famous and popular in casinos worldwide. Slot games, also named as ‘’tiger machine’’, firstly invented with tiger patterns on the machine. The first or classical type of slot machines would show a screen with at least 3 reels “spinning” when the game started. Players could start the game by pulling a level on the machine, triggering the reels to spin. The classical slot machine commonly uses tokens as winners’ stakes or rewards, as the machine will give out sounds of coins hitting the metal plate. In the United States, slot games are the most popular betting method in their casinos, which contributed to about 70% of the country’s casinos income.

Evolution of Slot Online Game

Nowadays, slot games have improved to be more advanced, having more betting options, dazzling layouts and patterns with more interesting characters. A mythic story, fairy tales, adventure story, animation and cartoon, even a movie could be the theme of a slot game. Meanwhile, the level of the early slot machines becomes a button, where players would just have to press to spin the reels. The modern slot machines also come with plenty of betting options, including more lines and combinations to bet at the same round, and players have more possibilities to win but would have to pay more credits. Slot games are operated by machines either in casinos or anywhere, so why not play the slot game online with your own device at your home? You will be surprised by the great experience of slot online game without walking into a casino.

Slot Games Online Malaysia

Slot game online is now getting more common and popular in Malaysia, it is available in plenty of online betting platforms with many kinds of themes, graphics and appearances to attract more players. Those famous online casinos which provide online slot games are as below:
  • Mega888, which can be accessed or played by searching the terms mega888 apk, mega888 download, mega888 login, mega888 online, mega888 ios, mega888 apk download for android mobile
  • 918kiss, which can be accessed or played by searching the terms 918kiss apk download, 918kiss wallet, 918kiss download, 918kiss 2.0 apk download, 918kiss malaysia, 918kiss company, 918kiss apk free download
  • joker123, which can be accessed or played by searching the terms joker123 apk, joker slot, joker slot game
  • scr888, which can be accessed or played by searching the terms scr888 download, scr888 apk, download scr888, malaysia scr888
  • pussy888, which can be accessed or played by searching the terms pussy888 apk, pussy888 download, pussy888 slot
  • Playtech, which can be accessed or played by searching the terms playtech slots, playtech slot apk download, playtech slot malaysia

Join We1Win for Online Slot Game Malaysia

We1Win, the best online casino Malaysia, provides the best slot game online in Malaysia, with hundreds of slot games available from several famous and reputable vendors, including Joker Slot, AG Slot, PP Slot, PT Slot, MG Slot, CQ9 Slot, BBIN Slot, JDB Slot and SG Slot. Each vendor comes with various themes and graphics such as fairy tales, mythology, Chinese Gods, sexy girls, adventure, cartoon characters and many more.  For example, playing slot game online in the theme of Gods of Prosperity (Cai Shen) might give you the luck to “huat”, which means to win some fortune! If you are a myth lover, come and challenge the slot games in the theme of Zues, Thor or Chinese favourite Monkey King. 

Many Possibilities to Win in Game Slot Online Malaysia

Do you think that playing slot game online is too boring, as you just keep hitting the button without any strategy or tactics? Then you might be wrong.  Each slot game has various options to play, such as jackpot, free spins, rolling reels (243 ways) and multipliers. As for the most popular rolling feels, players can bet on credit multiplied by x1, x2, x3 and x5. The more odds you bet, the more you spend, which also means more prizes to be won.

The Great Odds of Slot Game Online

The odds in slot online game are in a wide range, players might win a few dollars in a single round, but also stand a chance to win a million dollar jackpot! In a slot game, the player has to choose the multiples of stakes to bet, for example, 0.5, 1 or 2 units of credits. The higher the credits, the higher the winning stakes. Besides, the player has to choose the lines or patterns of the spinning chart. The more complicated the lines are, the higher the winning stakes would be once it matches. Therefore, if a player chooses the most difficult lines with higher bets, he might win the grand jackpot prizes.

Challenge The 9 Millions Jackpot

In the We1Win slot online game, players can bet on certain combinations or lines, you may bet on the set of figures which you had a hunch will win the combination.  Once you have gotten on the lucky train, go and challenge the jackpot, there is a huge amount of MYR 9 millions prize waiting to be won!

Free Game Online without Download at We1Win

At We1Win, the trusted and biggest online casino Malaysia, we provide hundreds of online slot games which can be played and bet directly, without downloading them, no tools or software required. We1Win is determined to prepare and design every slot game online with the best user interfaces and play settings, as players are instructed in simple ways and betting has never been any easier! We1Win ensures that every slot online game operates in the fairest and equitable way, where players have fair possibilities in every method they choose to bet in every slot game.

Find Your Best Online Slot Game to Win

From all those fascinating online slot games available in We1Win, we are sure that you could find some to be your favourite. The betting methods or options in every slot game online might be the same, but the themes or appearances can suit the tastes of different players. You can choose the slot games with themes of Gods, Mahjongs, Animations, Celebrities, Movies, Animals, Warriors, Football Players, Kungfu Fighters or the Pretty Girls. Feel free to change the themes whenever you feel bored!

Enjoy Slot Games Online for Real Money

At We1Win, all those online slot games are able to bet on real money. Players shall bet on credits during the games, but all credits could be exchanged for money and be allowed to withdraw from the account at any time. The withdrawal process is easy enough, no conditions required, and no fees to be charged. For the payment methods, We1Win generally uses the ewallet methods and bank transactions. We introduce the ewallet methods which are common in Malaysia nowadays, with several operators available including TouchnGo, GrabPay, ShopeePay and Boost. However, for players who prefer bank transactions, we use Duitnow for an easier and convenient banking process. For those payment methods and money transactions above, We1Win ensures the highest security and safety on our platform, to protect our users’ assets in the safest environment.  
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