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Poker is one of the most popular betting games in casinos. With a few cards in hand and simple playing rules, players could try their luck and use their tactics to make a fortune.

Unlike the common casino table games such as Baccarat and Dragon/Tiger, Poker is more challenging and exciting as the players have to use a lot of their psychology, mentality and courage to win their bet. Some professionals of Poker even would ‘’read’’ their opponents mind by observing their facial expressions.

Introducing of Poker Cards

Poker cards are regarded as the most common and popular type of card games in human history. Firstly invented in the 13th century in France, Poker cards originated from the Tarot cards.

Poker cards consisted of 52 cards, plus the 2 Joker cards (sometimes 4). The 52 cards include numbers from 2 to 10, Aces, Jacks, Queens and Kings, each of them having 4 cards.

There are also 4 symbols in the Poker cards, which are Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds, each have 13 cards.

Poker games are firstly made popular in western countries such as France, the United States and the United Kingdom. Thereafter, they have also started to gain more ground in Asia in recent centuries, especially among the Asian Chinese.

Poker Game of Chinese

Poker cards are mostly played by Asian Chinese as a leisure or entertaining activity in their own community. Poker cards are legal and easy to buy in their countries, the prices are as low as a few dollars for a deck.

In Malaysia, Malaysian Chinese play Poker cards mostly during the Chinese New Year, as an entertainment event when many friends, relatives or guests are gathered.

With proper practice and participation, Poker games could improve players’ psychology and mentality, hence strengthening their skill to strategise or organise.

Excitement of Poker Game: Texas Hold’Em

Poker games are considered to be the most exciting and intensive event in the casino, as few of the top players gather at a table to battle in their psychology, skills and strategies.

Texas Hold’Em is the most common Poker game in gambling history, and has competed as a main event in the major Poker competitions or tournaments nowadays worldwide, including the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour.

These world top Poker competitions have grabbed the attention of millions of live streaming audiences, which are even broadcasted in mainstream TV channels such as ESPN.

Popularity of Blackjack

Meanwhile, Blackjack or commonly known as 21, is another popular or common game among the Malaysian Chinese. Blackjack is mostly played by Chinese during the festivals, especially Lunar New Year.

With simple playing instructions and easy steps to win, Blackjack is also available for several players in a single deck, up to 7-8 players, which is suitable to play during a big gathering.

Influence of Movies on Poker Games

Poker poses an influence on people through the films as well. There are plenty of movies in the filming history which featured gambling, and most of them are about Poker.

Poker Game Movie: God of Gamblers (1989)

Generally acknowledged as the most successful gambling movie in Chinese film history, “God of Gamblers” had a huge influence to Asian Chinese card games culture. Starring Chow Yun-Fat and Andy Lau, the main character Ko Chun had such a stylish and imposing manner during the Poker games, which was also powerful and dominant on the betting table.

Ko Chun in the film represented the outstanding and distinctive personality of a Poker player. He remained steady and calm, making quick and wise decisions, and confusing his opponents with magical tricks and tactics. His eyes are sharp and fierceful, his facial expressions are often unpredictable, known as the Poker Face, and charming when he shouts the term “show hand”.

Poker Game Movie: 21 (2008)

“21” is a Hollywood film starring Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey. The story is about how a group of university students with great talent of mathematics worked as a team in the Las Vegas casinos to win millions dollars from the Blackjacks games.

Counting and memorising the cards by a group of players isn’t prohibited by casinos, but is unwelcome and could be blacklisted. When the students and their professor’s strategy had been uncovered by the casino head security, things went wrong and the characters started to face problems.

“21” was adapted from a true event and real person named Jeff Ma, who used his brilliant calculating skills to earn a lot of fortune from Las Vegas casinos, and in the end he got blacklisted.

Evolution of Poker Online

With the development of the internet era and advanced technology, Poker games are now getting more common in online platforms, instead of playing the physical cards.

There are plenty of online casinos in Malaysia who provide online poker, with various games featuring fascinating graphics, lively characters and attractive interfaces.

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Poker Game: Different Level of Difficulties

All online poker games above come with dazzling graphics and sexy animation girls, and are sorted by categories of novice, amateur, junior, senior, Supreme and Emperor, which represent different levels of difficulty, minimum coins required and amount of blinds.

If you are a new player who likes to have a fresh experience in online poker games, welcome to the novice category, where you can begin with low risks and less coins needed, only a minimum of 6 coins to start the game.

Online Poker Pro: Challenge The Emperor Level

For poker players who are veterans and have a lot of funds, come and challenge the Supreme or Emperor levels, where a bunch of rich guys and experts are waiting for you!

For example, the Emperor level of Beat Bullfight requires a minimum of 1800 coins, surely there is a lot of intensity and excitement.

Acclaimed yourself as an expert of online poker games? Come and challenge yourself to become the “Poker King”. In the popular Show Hand, Texas Hold’Em and Blackjack, many players are waiting to beat and win their money!

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