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Is esports a true sport? It is now! In the olden days or just decades ago, esports were being regarded as an activity with no benefit, which would even bring some disadvantages to the players, especially to the teenagers and students.

With the development of the internet era and advanced technology, esports is now getting more recognition worldwide, practised by more players who aim to become professionals.

Esports is now a significant industry within sportsbook Malaysia and technology worldwide, contributing a lot of profits and resources regarding this event.

Benefits to Bet on Esports Games

Once upon a time, esports, or also known as multiplayer games, was considered by some people, especially the parents, as a ‘’useless’’ activity, which wasted their kids’ time and money, affected their academic performance, and even instilled them with violent or immoral values.

The multiplayer online games brings undeniable harm to people, with exceeding of practise or too much time and spirit spent on it, as a pastime or entertainment activity. Therefore, self-control in playing them with a proper routine is important to avoid its negative impacts.

With proper and positive practice, esports games could train the players’ mentality, ability to plan strategies, organising skills, and help to build their ability of cooperation and leadership.

Development of Esport in Malaysia

Esports industry is developing rapidly worldwide and in Malaysia as well. With the involvement of more teenagers, esports in Malaysia is getting more influential and larger in its field.

We see more teenagers in Malaysia training themselves to become esports professionals, and participate in several esports tournaments. Some of them are representing Malaysia to play in international major competitions, and become proud of our nation.

By winning the titles in every major or minor esports tournament, players would get a share of the prizes and rewards, therefore, a top level of esport player could be wealthy and have a successful career.

For esports in Malaysia, most of the famous or top players are involved in the Defense of the Ancients 2, known as Dota 2, which is one of the most popular esports games worldwide.

Future Trend: Esports Olympics Games

Are they playing esports in the Olympics Games? Not for now, but maybe one day.

Esports has already been listed as one of the competitions in several multi-nations sports events, including the Southeast Games (SEA Games) and the Asian Games.

Esports was contested as a medal event in the 2019 Manila SEA Games, which was the first time it was officially competed in a multi-sports competition sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee.

Esports was also contested in the 2021 Hanoi SEA Games, by providing 10 gold medals. Esports will also compete in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, by providing 8 gold medals.

With the participation in several sports events acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee, it is proven that esports is officially recognised as a genuine sport that trains the human mentality. Now we can conclude that esports are expected to contest in the Olympics Games in days to come.

Worldwide Popular Esports Event

Esports began as early as the 1970’s, and has been widely played since the 2000’s among the teenage group. They like to gather in the cyber cafe to join online multiplayers games. However, these activities were sort of pastimes and recreations at that time, until the esports were organised as competition and public events nationwide and worldwide.

In Malaysia, the most popular esports game in the early years was the Counter-Strike, which was played by multiplayers acting as armies or terrorists to attack each others. Regarded as the classic in multiplayers game, Counter-Strike was played as esports in several competitions and tournaments.

Multiplayer games industry in Malaysia later gained popularity by Warcraft, Defense Of The Ancients (DotA), Starcraft and Call of Duty etc., and in recent years, the famous League of Legends (LoL) and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are both competed as esports events in the 2021 SEA Games.

Top Esports Games: Counter-Strike

First launched in 2000, Counter-Strike is a multiplayer first-person shooting game, where players working in team terrorists or anti terrorists will attack each other in several battlefield maps.

This game series has been acclaimed as one of the best multiplayer shooting games of all time, featured in several major esports competitions worldwide.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the most popular esports game of the Counter-Strike game series nowadays.

CS:GO is one of the top events in esports betting Malaysia, as many ongoing matches worldwide are available to bet on.

Dota 2: Hottest Malaysia Esports Games

Dota or Defense of the Ancient is the expansion of the classical video game Warcraft, as a multiplayer RPG game genre.

Players are set as two teams to execute their strategy to destroy the ‘’Ancient’’, to determine the winning team. Dota Allstars has been featured in the World Cyber Games competitions, WCG Asian Championships and Electronic Sports World Cup.

Dota 2 is the most participated esports game by the top Malaysian players nowadays, a statistic indicating that 18 of the 20 top earning players in Malaysia esports are playing Dota 2 as their top paying game.

Beside the popularity among local players, Dota 2 is also the hottest event in esports betting Malaysia, having plenty of matches to bet on in every hour.

PUBG: Best Selling Esports Games

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer battle royale game published in 2017. Acclaimed as the most-played video game of all time, PUBG has a total player count of 1.2 billion as of 2021, and remains as one of the best selling and most grossing video games in history.

PUBG was also held in several competitions and tournaments worldwide, which had invited professional players and offered large amounts of prizes.

PUBG is quite favoured to bet on in the esports betting Malaysia too, people love to bet on the events instead of joining the crowded games.

League of Legends: Largest Esports Games

LOL of League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game first launched in 2009. Players are set as two teams to battle against each other by destroying the opponent’s territory for the victory.

LOL is regarded as the largest and most reputed esports event worldwide nowadays, as it has an international competition consisting of 12 leagues, leading to the annual LOL World Championships.

These LoL game events have live streaming and have attracted hundreds and millions of viewers, and were even broadcasted in the reputed sports channel ESPN.

Not just gathering a lot of Malaysian players, League of Legends is also a popular event in the esports betting Malaysia.

Honor of Kings: Chinese Esports Games

Honor of Kings a.k.a. King’s Glory, is a multiplayer online battle arena game published by Tencent Games of China in 2015.

With its high participation within the Greater China regions, Honor of Kings received huge success on its platform especially through mobile devices, becoming the No.1 of mobile games revenues worldwide in May 2017.

After holding plenty of league competitions and major tournaments worldwide, Honor of Kings will compete in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games as gold medal events.

King’s Glory is not just the esports event in international large sports competitions, also the favourite event in esports betting Malaysia.

You Can Bet on FIFA and NBA Esports Games

In addition to the esports games involved with shooting, RPG, battle arena or war strategy mentioned above, you can also place bets on esports featuring true sports events, such as the FIFA and NBA, at the esports betting Malaysia!

The video games of FIFA football and NBA basketball matches are now played as esports in multiplayers mode as well, and have featured in major esports competitions worldwide.

Therefore, all football fans and NBA lovers, why not bet on these esports events in the esports betting Malaysia, since you have sufficient knowledge and have done adequate research on these esports events?

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