Best Platform of Sports Betting Malaysia 2022

Sports betting activity is getting more common and popular in Malaysia and worldwide, especially football betting. Football is regarded as the most popular sport in the world, having billions of supporters and audiences. Fans support certain clubs in the football leagues and the national football teams. While watching football matches, people like to bet along the match, to get more excitement and make a fortune with it.

Sports betting Malaysia mostly involved the major football leagues, including the English Premier League (EPL) which are most popular among Malaysians. People are also active to bet on major events which are held once a time, especially the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Cup.

There are many platforms for sports betting Malaysia, such as CMD368, Maxbet and BET365. Those betting methods or options in those platforms could be mostly the same, but people might find different experiences of interface or appearance of websites to bet on.

Get Your Betting Tips Today

As a player who is actively betting on football, you should research and analyse the match or event before getting bet on it. You can also get the betting tips today through some online betting platforms, sports magazines, newspapers or sports programs on TV channels.

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Study Before Football Betting

Do some research and analyse the match before bet on. Know the both teams’ recent conditions and performances by looking into their results for 5 matches lately, including their goals and conceded goals.

Study also the team players’ recent performances as well, which are in great conditions and frequently scored, or which are in poor conditions and couldn’t score or lose goals as defenders. Also, research the team’s expected formation and line-up, knowing which players are absent due to injury or suspended.

The head to head record between both teams is also a statistic to study before betting. The team with better results of their confrontation history, might have the advantage in psychology and strategy to win.

EPL - Hottest Event of Sports Betting Malaysia

Malaysians love the English Premier League (EPL) the most, same as in Malaysia sports betting. EPL has the favourite teams and players which are famous and familiar to Malaysians, including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and more.

There are also plenty of world top football players in the EPL clubs, such as Mohamed Salah, Kevin de Bruyne, Cristiano Ronaldo, Son Heung Min, Harry Kane and many others.

EPL consists of 20 clubs, and plays for 38 rounds each season, where football fans can watch and bet for most of the months in every year.

To bet on EPL matches, players should check on the EPL table and EPL fixtures frequently, knowing when the team played, which team they battled with, who and when will they play in the coming few matches, because all these are related to their motivation in the current match.

Betting EPL, Check EPL Fixtures and Results

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Other Major Leagues and Champions League

Instead of the EPL, the rest of the five major European Football Leagues are also quite popular in football betting Malaysia, including the Italian Serie A, Spanish LA Liga, French Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga, Nevertheless, the UEFA Champions League which gathers the greatest teams within those national leagues, is also a favourite of sports betting Malaysia.

Go Crazy for FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is the most popular single sport event in human history, having the highest sitting audiences and livestream audiences numbers. Held once in 4 years, the FIFA World Cup is a tournament that is so precious and valuable.

FIFA World Cup 2022, the 22nd running of this event, will be held at Qatar from 21st November to 18th December. This is the first time the World Cup is held in the Arab world, also the first time not playing in May or June, to avoid the hot temperatures in that country.

Betting on FIFA World Cup 2022

Don’t miss the chance to bet on the FIFA World Cup, or else you have to wait for another four years! Find your favourite teams and matches in FIFA World Cup 2022, bet on them in several platforms of sports betting Malaysia.

FIFA World Cup 2022 consists of 32 national teams, including the championships favourite Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina, Spain, England and more.

During the FIFA World Cup, most of the top football players in the world are participating, to help their country win the world championship trophy. Neymar from Brazil, Messi from Argentina, Ronaldo from Portugal, Mbappe and Benzema from France, Lewandowski from Poland, Kevin de Bruyne from Belgium and many more superstars will show up in this tournament.

People will surely go crazy for FIFA World Cup 2022 this winter, by watching them at the restaurants, pubs, bars or in their own home. Meanwhile, betting while watching the FIFA World Cup 2022 is getting more excitement and pleasure.

As the best platform of sports betting Malaysia, are providing full features of football betting during the FIFA World Cup. You can bet on any single match during the tournament, from group stages to grand final, with plenty of betting methods available. Enjoy betting on FIFA 22 and make yourself a fortune!

3 Major Methods for Betting Football

There are various methods or options of football betting, however, the three major methods are most common within sports betting Malaysia, which are handicap, over/under and score prediction.

Handicap is the most common betting option among those three. The betting rules are simple as the player chooses a team in the match to bet on. However, when the team is generally regarded as stronger and has a high possibility of winning the other, the ‘’handicap’’ will apply to that team.

As the handicap applied, players who picked the stronger team shall win by only a portion of the stakes, for example, 75% of the stakes. Otherwise, players shall ‘’let go’’ certain scores to cut off their advantage, for example, with handicap of +1, means they can only win the bet when their team won by 2 goals advantage or above.

Over/under is another option of sports betting Malaysia, which counts the total goals of the match, regardless which team has scores and wins. For example, a player bet on over/under with 3.5 goals, he can only win the bet when the final score is 4 goals or more in total, such as 3-1, 1-3, 2-2, 4-1 or others.

Score prediction is the hardest possibility to win among those betting methods, but has the highest odds to win. Players have to bet on the exact final score of the match to win their bet. However, the lower possibility of a score that they bet on, the winning odds could be higher as well, for example, a score prediction of 6-1 could bring the odds as high as 1:10.

More Choices of Sports Betting Malaysia

Not a football fan, but in favour of other sports? There are many other sports categories to bet in the Malaysia sports betting platforms.

We provide betting options on various sports categories, such as basketball, badminton, tennis, racing, volleyball and others. You may also bet on esports if you are interested in.

Here, you can bet on the popular sports events or tournaments other than football, such as the NBA basketball league, F1 car racing, the tennis Grand Slam tournaments, or the major multi-sports tournaments like the Olympic Games and Asian Games.

Malaysians who love badminton can also bet on the BWF Series competitions, All England championships, BWF World Championships, Thomas and Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup and other badminton events.